Green Building

Why Build Green?

The HBA’s Advanced Building Systems & Technology council provides education and timely information on green building issues and other industry advancements to all HBA members so they can better serve the special needs of their clients. The council tries to conduct quarterly programs/seminars as well as specialized designation training each year. The council will also host social events from time to time so members can network and have fun as they grow their businesses.

On July 1, 2011, the HBA formally stopped doing green home verifications at the local level and endorsed the Green Building Certification Program from the NAHB Research Center (now being called the Home Innovation Research Labs), a for-profit, independent subsidiary of the National Association of Home Builders. Certifications in this program are being done against the rigors of the ICC-700 National Green Building StandardTM (NGBS), which is the only rating system approved by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Now, the HBA’s Green Building Program certifies both new and remodeled housing stock that is specifically designed to be more energy efficient and sustainable than baseline code-approved homes. Builder and consumer driven selections provide these units with improved indoor air quality and cutting-edge, environmentally responsible products/materials that are relatively easy for occupants to operate/maintain over the lifecycle of these units.

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Help for Better Green Appraisals & Higher Loan Amounts!
The Appraisal Institute has developed an appraisal addendum for green housing units. The form has been converted to a fillable format and can be accessed here.
Appraisal Addendum

(May, 2012) Appraisal help in new publication from the Institute for Market Transformation and the Appraisal Institute
Click here to view the Recognition of Energy Costs and Energy Performance in Real Property Valuation: Considerations and Resources for Appraisers

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