If your company is a member of the HBA you most likely already have an account set up in our system. If you are unsure if you have an account set up or need any help, please contact Patrice McIver (314-817-5630).  Your Username is your email address.  Please enter your Username and click on Forgot Password, if you are unsure of your password.  PLEASE, DO NOT CREATE A DUPLICATE ACCOUNT. 

HBA MEMBERS: A web account has been set up for you. Visit the Sign In screen which is found at the top of the website. Click on Forgot my Password and type in your email address that the HBA has on file for you. The system will email you directions on changing your password.
If you are unable to successfully sign in or do not receive an email to reset your password, please DO NOT SETUP A NEW ACCOUNT.  Call us at the number above!

SETTING UP A NEW ACCOUNT: When setting up a new account please be sure to fill out all the information
on the account window. If the company is a member of the HBA, please make sure you choose the company name from the dropdown box under Primary Organization. Your company name will prepopulate once you start typing the first few letters of the company name.  If the company name does not appear when you start typing, just type what it should be and continue.  A company name is very important so that we can identify what company you are with.

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